Every Autumn we take our 3rd ESO students to the town of Mojácar, which is known for its big English speaking community . Once there, our students start a search for English speaking tourists and interview them about their lives in Spain, for example, food, routines, preferences and general impressions.

Here we are in the lookout of the New Square of Mojácar. This is our meeting point from where to begin our “English quest” looking for English speakers to practise our language.

After interviewing English tourists, we went to Mojácar beach to sunbathe while having breakfast.

Enjoy this wonderful day in Mojácar! Students are sitting down before going shopping to some stands in the Street Market usually set on Wednesdays.

What a wonderful weather! We are in Almería Paradise and we take advantage of it. Some brave students even had a swim.

We walked through the Parterre Square where we could see the Indalo carved in the stones. The Indalo is a prehistoric magical symbol found in the cave of «Los Letreros» («The Signboards») in Sierra de María-Los Vélez Natural Park in Vélez Blanco. It means “Messenger of the Gods” 

This trip to Mojácar was very interesting because we met a group of recently arrived Australian tourists with whom we could have Many Conversations. Well done students!