What countries would you like to visit next and why?

I think the country I want to visit next off Spain. I want to go to Colombia and Peru. Peru especially because I like History. I studied History. I’m interested in all the centre of the north and south America. I found their cultures fascinating and I would love to visit their historical sites to go to temples and museums. Plus as well Peru is one of the most diverse climates in the world in terms that it’s got different parts: dessert, jungle.


When did you go on your last vacation?

Well, it depends. Did you count this as a holiday for me or not? The last one I went to Lanzarote with my family. Do you know what I mean when I say Lanzarote? It’s a place In Spain but we pronounce it differently. It’s the first time I’ve been in holiday with my family in a long time but we went because my old brother has been living in China or had been living in China for three years. So he’s just come back and my dad wanted to do something as a family before he goes home.


What was your best trip?

It is a good question. I don’t know I’ve got like a few favourite but I would say when I went interrailing. My friends and I after leaving school, that’s definitely one of my favourite ones. After finishing school I went on a holiday with four other friends and we basically took the trains around Europe. I think we visited seven or eight different cities. We started in Amsterdam, then we went to Berlin, we went to Prague, Budapest, Spitz, Bless, Munich and Milan. I had a great time. I turned eighteen in Amsterdam so I have my birthday there. I was very fun. I think my favourite place was Bless.


What would you do if the weather is bad?

Being English,it depends how bad the weather is,I usually go outside still, you know. If it’s raining a little bit, I still go outside and do what I’m planning anyway. Obviously I don’t want to go out and visit the beach if it’s  raining and it’s cold but I still go walk round and see the city, you know just normal tourists seeing, go by the city, visit museums, go to restaurants and then if the weather is really bad, torrential rain and storm I guess I’d stay inside, be annoyed.


What’s the best way of making a lot of money?

It’s a good question. If I can answer that I might not be here working as a teacher but for me I think the best way to make money is to be with a job that doesn’t compromise your happiness. So to earn money and run what you feel comfortable and happy that you’re getting the best out of life, not just making money. In terms of actual ways to do that, I don’t know it’s quite individual question. If I could answer that.. ohh yeah.


What’s the largest amount of  money you’ve ever had in your wallet/ purse?

I’m not actually sure but probably not that much. I think it might have been on my way to Morocco because there I had to take my money in notes and change it into the money there because I haven’t used my debit card. Most of the time I have my cards and I have maybe ten euros in my wallet because I use my card for everything these days. But when I went to Morocco I had to take physical money to exchange it. That’s probably the most I had.


Do you ever run out of money?

Yes, sometimes I’ve run out of money towards the end of the month when I’m waiting for my new pay check. Sometimes I’ve started run out of money. Generally I’m quite good at making sure that I don’t completely run out of money I had a little bit kept aside because sometimes when it gets towards the end of the month it can be bit touching.


Do you agree with the idiom “A fool and his money are easily parted” mean?

Do you guys understand what an idiom is? An idiom is based an expression that you can work out what it means from just the sentence. Do you know what a fool is? A fool is someone who is an idiot, not that smart. A fool and his money are easily parted. Do you know what parted is? Parted comes from separated so basically means a fool and his money are easily parted means that someone that isn’t that smart is easy to get tricked.


Do you like today’s fashion?

Yes, I think so. I don’t think it’s particularly necessary well- style fashion at the moment. I think in general that’s all right. I think as always there’re some sort of extreme ends of the fashion that are true in every generation fashion. We have the general style and the extreme style. What about you? Do you like today’s fashion?


How do you describe your style?

I don’t dress particularly smart. I wear a lot of baggy clothes, jumpers, sweatshirts. I think these are the tightest pair of trousers that I own. This is the smart that I can get. I would say that my style is sort of tending to more comfortable clothes rather than dressed up shirts, tight trousers is not particularly what I like to wear. What about you? How would you describe your style?


What do you think about second-hand stores?

Second-hand stores are really useful. I actually get a third discount in second-hand stores. It’s the same clothes that you can buy in first hand a lot of cheaper. And you can also find some sort of older clothes that you can find in normal shops. I think the quality of the second-hand stores can vary quite differently. And I think one of the most interesting differences between England and Spain is that in England a lot of the second-hand stores are more crafted so they have less stuff.


When you go shopping for clothes do you usually try the clothes on before you buy it?

It depends on what type of clothes they are, like say for example t-shirt, no. I have normal size. Or socks, pants, obviously, I’m not going to try that one. But trousers, I think I always try on trousers because they are hard to tell just by looking at them whether they would fit or not. Especially me, I’ve got quite short and fat legs. For me to find trousers can be hard sometimes. I pretty try on trousers and coats.


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