Our teaching assistant made a practice with students asking B2 Trinity questions to bachillerato students. First they asked her B2 questions and she answered them. Afterwards they will answer the same questions themselves. She is so communicative that students enjoy working with her. The practice went great!

B2 QUESTION 1: Which customs in your country do people from abroad enjoy?

B2 QUESTION 2: Which aspect of life in your country might be difficult for people from another country?

B2 QUESTION 3: Have you ever been to a country where you found certain aspects of life difficult?

B2 QUESTION 4: What festivals do you celebrate in your country?

B2 QUESTION 5: What are some of the customs you don’t like in your country?

B2 QUESTION 6: Which customs in your country which are associated to food?

B2 QUESTION 7: What do you think of discrimination and does it exist in your country?


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