In this presentation our foreign language assistant, Raichle did a wonderful description of her climbing trip to Red Rocks Park in Yellowstone, Colorado in 2016. She told the students about the risks and benefits of practising this sport, as well as the new friends she made, from all over the world and how important this experience was in her life. Afterwards the students started asking questions related to the topic.

Raichle lived in Bellingham, Washington. It is constantly raining there. In winter there are short days and in summer long ones. Spring break is a holiday between the 2nd and 3rd school terms when people travel to other cities. Only two days before the break her friend Julia and her booked very cheap tickets to go to Las Vegas, Nevada.

Her cousin lives in Vegas so she drove Raichle and her friend to the camping site in Red Rock Canyon. These are genuinely red rocks in a desert landscape with lizards and cactus. One of the most spectacular natural features are slot canyons. They are narrow channels with rock walls. When it rains it can be dangerous to be inside a flat canyon because water drains inside and you can drown.

Climbing is an interesting sport which you can practise with specific tools such as climbing ropes, quickdraws, harnesses and chalkbags. There’s also necessary information about the mountain you are climbing. You have to hire expert climbers to help you climb higher and to teach you appropriate strategies to climb better. It is recommended to study Geology so that you learn the type of rocks you are stepping.

The Grand Canyon is worth for breathtaking falls and surrounded by small pools of water. These are called Arizona Fall springs. They are heated by thermal activity. After a week climbing Raichle and her friend relaxed in those pools. She talked about the French friends she made and how they spent time with them talking and sharing food such as steak, mushrooms and wine.


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