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Do you prefer travelling in a group or alone?

It depends. Sometimes I prefer travelling alone and sometimes I prefer in a group. I usually prefer travelling with friends. It’s nicer to have some people with me but It’s not always possible. So, for example in South America next year I will be by myself because unfortunately my friends would be working and they won’t be able to take the same amount of time off as me. There’re some pros and cons. If you go with friends you have friends there but If you go by yourself you can get lonely sometimes but again you meet more people because you need people.

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Do you prefer active or relaxing holidays?

I don’t know. Sometimes I prefer relaxing and sometimes active. It depends on what we like it. I think if I am working a lot I’ll miss taking probably a week’s holiday, I like relaxing because I’m busy working. But for a long periods of time I like doing activities otherwise it can get boring. It depends. It’s a week’s holiday and a weekend I prefer relaxing holidays but if it’s longer I need practice.


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