An allowance is something that is between parents and kids. An allowance is an amount of money that parents would give to their kids because they are not supposed to work. Giving that, there is a fair reason. Up to a lot of years ago kids at a certain age were expected to work. No kids, no matter what their family was. But a hundred and ten years ago kids would have to go out.


Does anybody know what a chimney sweep is? Does anybody know how it gets? I said that a hundred and ten or a hundred and twenty years ago around kids of 2, 3 or 4 years old had jobs. Not all of them depending on what your family was, but some had to have jobs. And one of them is very famous and I am actually going to show it to you and it’s quite nice. You are going to guess what a chimney sweep is.


To sweep: barrer (the floor)

What do you think a chimney is? If you have a fireplace and you have smoke coming out of the fire, you have a chimney to direct the smoke away. Do you understand what a chimney is? Chimney has a hat like that and you have a fireplace, fire there. So a chimney sweep is someone that cleans the inside of a chimney. And the reason to use kids is because kids are very small. They send them with their broom and clean the whole thing.


Kids don’t work, kids that young don’t work. Generally kids start working a little bit older maybe around the age of sixteen. You can work certain jobs in the UK fully aged sixteen because legal age is generally sixteen so in most jobs you have to be sixteen in order to start. You can get certain jobs like a paper round to deliver newspapers or magazines and you can get those jobs earlier. You can also work like, what we call it black money. We say getting paid under the table. It is when you are working not necessarily legitimate or legally.


You may work in a shop or in a restaurant cleaning the pans and you get paid in cash instead of going through the proper system. Generally most people who get an allowance sometimes is from their parents. So do you understand what an allowance is?


Kids can still work and they get money from their work and they still get an allowance from their parents. An allowance is simply is something, some money usually from their parents to their kids. It could be from an uncle, it could be from their grandparents, it could be from a friend. Allowances comes from the verb to allow. To allow someone to do something. To allow people to eat out or to go to the cinema. A question for you guys?


Do you get an allowance from your parents?


The specific amount of money you receive every week, month or whatever. I will get some money from my birthday, usually, or Christmas but the rest of the money was when I go out to the cinema. When I was fourteen I got a job delivering magazines so I did paper round.


Paper round is when you deliver either newspapers or magazines. I delivered a paper round when I was fourteen. Doing the rounds is an expression we use which means going round and doing something. Say that we are collecting money for an specific cause in this room. I could do the round in this room asking donation for good. Or doing the rounds I could do the rounds for my local town. So I would walk around the town doing the rounds. So that’s where paper round comes from so delivering papers you go round and round and you do paper round.


When I was fifteen and around sixteen, I started working in the kitchen washing up the plates, what we call potwash. Pretty from then my parents took me to somebody but I get less because I was working. From then pretty much hopefully they will give me some allowance. Pretty much everything else I was working. That’s pretty much for allowances. Did you guys have a job?


“If you look after the pennies, the pounds will look after themselves”. Oliver’s grandmother said.

Does anyone want to have a guess what it means?


What do you think pennies are? No idea. Do you know what pounds are? Does anybody know what pounds are? In UK we don’t have euros, we have pounds. So if a pound’s like a euro, and a penny’s smaller what do you think a penny is? A cent.


If you are careful with a small amount of money, for example pennies, then you won’t have to worry about saving a big amount of money because saving a small amount of money means saving big money. Do you know what themselves mean? If the teacher says they can handle themselves in English.


Now a very open question. Do you understand by open question.

An another quite open but a bit more focused. If you want to take your time and have time to write:

How important is money?

What is more important money or happiness?


A couple of years ago,  I thought it was a very interesting to find a long dislike in the way we live our lifestyle. Money is important. We need money for food, we need money for a place to live. When you get ill, you depend on your health system. Money is useful. Money is something that you need to be comfortable. What I am saying is that I don’t think money can necessarily buy happiness but can prevent hardship.


There is an interesting study that I’ll draw here on this side we have happiness so a lot of people that were given a questionnaire to determine how happy they were with their lives.


It was more than one million. They asked a wide range of people with a range of different incomes essentially how happy they were. So money earned and happiness. Generally up to a certain point there was a correlation between the increase in money with the increase in happiness up to the point here.


Sixty thousand pounds in England a year so maybe about seventy thousand euros there was a different increase in correlation between money earned and happiness up to sixty k. With sixty thousand pounds a year that means that you are never going to have problems with money. You can afford to have a car, if the car breaks down you can afford to fix it. You can make on one or two holidays. You can do several things.


You can do several things. The closer to sixty k, the more comfortable the people got. The more comfortable the people got, the happier they were. But off the sixty k, having more than sixty thousand pounds a year, there is no increased correlation between happiness above there. There was a mess. There was no correlation so it was rundown.


For that it is very interesting that money at a certain point can make people happy to an extend but beyond that I think that it does not necessarily  guarantee more happiness because, as you guys are saying, happiness doesn’t just come from money if you don’t have family or friends to share experiences with. It comes from having the time to enjoy. Maybe I can go and find a job where I can work six days a week.


I am not willing to do that. I’d spend more time working. I won’t have any friends and family. Well I’ll have a family but I won’t have any friends because I won’t be spending time with them to maintain those pressures. That was very interesting that I wrote down that up to a certain point money does not increase happiness, up to a certain point people are going to be more comfortable, and it does, but beyond that there is actually no correlation between a lot of money and increased happiness. It’s just up to a certain point. Do you understand that? Is there anything that you would like to comment on that? Anything you would like to add?


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