Learning a new language. Language is in general but obviously we are posing on English that is the one I can teach you. I am going to ask a few questions first and then I am going to talk.


English, French, Spanish and Arabic, four languages. I guess Arabic you speak fluently with no problems and French the same.


I also want to ask you why you are learning. English because it’s very convenient, as a language that a lot of people speak. It’s very convenient. Last question before I talk some more.


For learning a language how much  the reason you want to learn a language change the method of which we learn. So for example for me I want to learn Spanish just because I’m not learning it for a job, I’m not learning it to pass an exam. I am trying Spanish because I like to talk to people. If I teach Spanish I can talk to literally millions of people. For me, I don’t study too much as I should probably try it some more but I’ve never had classes at school. I generally go out and try to speak it. I learn most of my Spanish just talking in the street with friends and people.


Learning a language is to immerse myself in the culture and gets to practise with native speakers as possible because my aim is just to talk to people in Spanish so I immerse myself in the environment. Maybe if you are trying to pass an exam then to pass the exam the best way to learn English is with textbooks or lessons in school. So can you guys tell me the different ways to learn a language, different methods to learn a language and what method you think is most useful for you based on the reason why you want to learn a language.


It’s a really good way to learn getting used to hearing that language perfect, exactly.


To listen to music, films, consuming any kind of media, consuming songs, listen to music, watching tv, watching films is a really good way to enjoy yourself and also learn a language. I have a question, are there any films  or tv that you guys like to watch or music you like to listen to in English?


In English it’s very natural, it’s very normal. Some films would speak kind of weird for the sake of the film. If it was set a hundred years ago they would say things kind of funny. But again, it was really good if it has subtitles. Sometimes it’s easier to watch a film than actually talk to someone. Sometimes I wish that when I was talking to people here they have subtitles underneath them because it might help specially here because you guys speak so fast. You don’t say “a”, you don’t say “s”, so subtitles can help and make 100 % confident with what I’m saying. Subtitles In a film can be so helpful.


Watching films in other language is good and reading books is also so useful.


There are lessons when you’ve got the teacher who is teaching you the grammar structure, vocabulary and things like this. But there are also little apps at the moment as well as duolingo. I would download different apps that you can use very quick about five minutes a day repeating things over and over. That’s what I pretty much I can think of.


The guys brain operates to develop until they are 25 for girls it’s a bit earlier until they are 23. Up to that point it’s not easier to learn basic languages. When you are really young, the analogy the people use is that your brain when you are young, is like a sponge. It soaks up all this information. One of the best ways to learn when people are young the way you learn Spanish or Arabic you didn’t have to study everything. You knew before you even talk.


You can just learn a language by hearing and speak it over and over again. You can still get that even if you The older you get, the harder becomes but essentially it’s the same thing. You can get by sharing the language listening, speaking you can eventually learn the language. For me, the best way is if you want to pass the B1 test.


Because it was talking so specifically about grammar. It was saying put these sentences into the passive voice. I don’t know what passive voice is because I’ve never learnt English like grammatically. I can speak English. My English at school was focused on Literature. As we did have grammar at school will be focused on the use of language rather than on the structure of the language itself.


If you want some vocabulary a good way is to study specific vocabulary for a certain area. If you want grammar to write well the best way is to read textbooks with grammar. For me, one of the most important things like generally we have people with a high level of reading is pretty good. If they read something they understand it very well. Some people sometimes start with more listening and speaking. I think speaking is often seen as harder than reading and writing.


I think that is as much down to a lack of confidence and embarrassment that is down to a lack of ability to do it. For me, the best way to practise is to practise. So today what I want you guys to do is a bit annoying because it’s only five of us cause everybody will be in pairs. I want you to get in groups, of one two and one three. I want you to imagine a scenario. Imagine you’re either going to England to travel or maybe you’re going to do six months away.


A situation that you might be put if you’re travelling to England. So for example you could say you are at the airport. You have a situation where your luggage, your suitcase has been lost. You are at the airport and you have to ask the staff where my luggage is. One of you would be the person of the staff and one would be the one whose luggage was lost. I want you to imagine scenarios and practise role playing being in that situation. Does it sound good? Do you understand? If you want you could write a bit down to help you but I want you to try and do it. Idon’t want you to read the paper. I want you to practise.


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