I just going to tell you a little bit about my routine that I do to keep healthy just to give you an idea of some vocabulary and then I think I want to do a similar thing as last week. You have to create a situation but this time what we are going to do is you are going to work in pairs. And one of you is going to be a doctor and the other the patient. The patient will have to go with some kind of problem with their lifestyle or routine and the doctor will help him.


I am not particularly unhealthy but I am not healthy either. Since I was young I would make a lot of sport since I was five. Since I was six I played rugby from I was six until I was seventeen. And then I played football my whole life just not particularly seriously, just I was with my friends or with a team sometimes. That generally was what kept me fit and also in school we have PE (physical education).


When I was sixteen or seventeen is when people start drinking a bit and smoking a bit and that’s when my sport dropped a cliff a little bit. Do you understand drop a cliff? It’s something that we use quite a lot.


My fitness and health dropped off a cliff a bit. I started feeling tired. When I was expected playing rugby in the mornings I was out of breath and tired. I wasn’t good and healthy. And then I went to university when I was eighteen and my first year I couldn’t do any sport basically. I would say I got quite unfit, not like overweight or anything.


If I ran for five minutes, I would be quite out of breath. I would also ate not great, my diet was not healthy, not balanced. I wasn’t planning my meals too much. When I was nineteen I decided I wanted to try and get healthy. So I basically started and I realised that I missed sport.


I was tired to give up. I started I was thinking of a sport I wanted to play at university and basically I don’t know how to explain it very well, I am going to try. Rugby in England, the people that do rugby in university can sometimes be a bit weight, in the sense that rugby can be historically an elitist sport so it’s very like male dominated, not many women play rugby.


It’s a posh sport, I would guess. But not boys, but at university. As they sometimes have slappy, weird coaches where they do things for initiation, as they make people drink disgusting drinks, tell the new ones take off your clothes and run around. They are weird. As much as I like the sport rugby I didn’t want to join one of these teams. So I was looking for a different sport to join. And I tried football when I was eighteen.


That took a bit more of my time. So I started playing American football at university and they took it quite seriously. So we have training on Tuesdays, training on Thursdays and often a game on weekends. So that started helping me get fit again. I meant they make us do cardio in the training sessions and I started going to the gym at the same time because the guys I was playing with were generally quite big.


I wanted to get bigger and faster. So I started going to the gym three or four times a week. What I do is two days on in the gym and one day off. I rotate push, pull and legs. Push is an exercise of pushing out. Pull is pulling towards you. Legs are exercise for themselves. I would do two days on, one day rest, two days on, one day rest. I’d also eat a lot.


You can’t just go to the gym, but more important than going to the gym is the food you are eating.  So I basically chase the way I was eating. I have to eat a massive meal and a big breakfast, big lunch and a big dinner. I have to have proteins, carbs and vegs. I have to have a bag style. But essentially because of American football I started doing that and that was probably the fittest I’ve been.


And then unfortunately when I was playing American football I hurt my knee. So basically it’s a bit of a stupid sport like you get hurt quite easily. Basically I was being tackled by a couple of people and I had my leg stretched out like this and someone landed on my knee, someone quite big landed on my knee. My knee wasn’t great for a bit. It’s now kind of OK.


Even though me knee was bad, I had the summer to heal and never actually properly heal because I carried on playing with it, getting worse but after university after football  I realised I basically couldn’t stretch my knee. If I try to stretch my leg that’s as far as I can go. I won’t be able to walk when I am sixty. So I started doing physio and I decided doing yoga. I do a lot of yoga and a lot of stretching.


I combine a bit of sport, a bit of yoga, stretching and a healthy diet. Those are kind of things that I do to keep myself healthy. Since I come to Spain I haven’t been as healthy because it’s very easy to enjoy myself. It’s funny that you said that you go to the gym in the summer because to me in England I go to the gym more in winter.


You have to be inside and the gym is probably the thing you can do because it’s inside the building and it’s warm. So I’d go to the gym a lot in winter and I’m not do that in summer. But when I came to Spain and it was hot all the time I don’t want to go to the gym. I won’t be able to do that. I’ve got a bit of sports. I was doing the gym for American football and once I’ve finished American football I carried on.


I drink too much. I’m English. We tend to do that quite a lot. I also don’t work on Fridays, so I have three days weekends. It also means that I’m maybe enjoying myself a little bit too much on the weekends. I’m not the healthiest lifestyle but I’m getting it somewhere in the middle. So basically, that’s how I try to keep myself healthy.


I want you to imagine a character that could be superhealthy or superunhealthy, wherever you want. You are going to create a dialogue talking to the doctor, either about how you can get healthier or how to continue to be healthy. Does it sound good?


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