One of the main topics for Trinity B1 and B2 exams is called rules and regulations. Lia presented the unit with an interesting powerpoint in which she argumented about different rules at home for her and at school. Afterwards she discussed about government laws in USA.


You have a dress code. You can’t wear jeans with  holes in them. You can’t wear shirts that show your shoulders. You can’t wear shorts or dresses that are higher than 3 inches above the knee and you can’t wear leggings.

Phones are not allowed in class.

No running in the hallways.

No chewing gum or eating in class.

You have to show up to school on time.

You have to go to school until you’re 18 years old.

No cheating on tests

You have to do your homework.


She must be nice to her brother and sister.

She must respect her parents.

She had to tell her parents where she was going and who she was going with.

She had to be home by 11 pm.

She had to help clean the house.

She had to take her dog on walks.

RULES IN THE USA                  

You can get your driver’s permit when you are 15 years old. To get your permit you have to take a paper test. You have to drive with one of your parents for one year and then you can take a driving test and get your license when you are 16 if you pass.

You can’t drink until you are 21 years old. You can vote when you turn 18.


Legislative branch: this branch makes, interprets and reinforces the laws in the USA. It is made up of the house of representatives and the senate.

Executive branch: this branch carries out the laws. It is made up of the president and his advisors.

Judicial branch: this branch evaluates the laws. It is made up of the senate and the courts.

Constitution: basic principles that helped determine how our government should be governed.

Bill: written idea for a new law.

Amendment: changes to the current laws.

Veto: to reject a proposal made by lawmakers.


5. ANWER 1

I think rules are more or less the same. Respect to my family is the difference between the two countries. At school it is very important because ifyou get into trouble you can get expelled. There is no dress code. You can wear jeans with holes and short dresses.


I can’t use my mobile phone when I eat dinner. In USA it is the same. Lia’s parents don’t like her to use it at the table.


I have to respect my parents, my brother, my sister I cook with my mother. What about you? Definitely Lia’s mother wants her to help in the kitchen, either help cook dinner or help clean up afterwards.She has to choose if you want to cook dinner or clean it.


In Spain when you are 18 you can drive and drink too. It is different in USA.


What is the Spanish rule that you like that is good ?

When you turn 16 you decide where you want to study in a High school or Vocational training. There are people that going to school in an institution is not necessarily best for them. They should be doing Art, wood working or mechanic work. There are people who do not want to go to University and study in a Vocational school.


What is the rule that you don’t like in the USA?

The rule that I don’t respect in the USA is that until you are 21 years old you can’t drink but you can vote and drive with a family member is a bit strange. I personally think they should start drinking with your parents when there’s more control when you are younger. That maybe be better because when you are 21 you are not living with your parents in the USA. It is not super safe.

QUEST 3: Why do you drive with your parents?

Since you are younger when you get your permit to make sure that everyone knows how to drive. Her parents taught her how to drive. She didn’t go to a driving school. So when you turn 15 your parents are with you in a car teaching you. For one year they want you to practise with an adult and then you will drive by yourself.

QUEST 4: What is the rule that you like the most at home?

Maybe when I was growing up I didn’t like any rules. When she was younger she wasn’t allowed to watch too much television, only 30 minutes a day. But I like that now. That’s why I learnt to be more creative, spent more time outside or worked on Arts.

QUEST 5: Could you smoke in your High School?

No, I couldn’t. Smoking isn’t as common in the United States in general. Here there are significant number of adults. Kids can’t buy cigarettes until you are 18 and they are trying to make it 21. So she didn’t have access and it wasn’t very popular at school.


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