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My name is Oliv from Oliver. I am from Waffex, near London in UK. United Kingdom is made up of 4 different countries: Scotland, North Ireland, England and Wales. I was born in England but my mom is from Wales. so I am half Welsh.

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Cities in Spain

I lived in Cartagena last year. I want you to recommend me some cities to visit. I went to Madrid the very last year. I want to go to Barcelona. Can you tell me anything about Sevilla? Is it in the North or South? Is it hot or cold?

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Future studies

What do you want to study when you finish school? I would like to study English studies. I’d say good choice. I want to go to university but I still don’t know what to study. That’s fine you have plenty of time to decide.

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Differences between Spanish and English schools

It is a bit of a shame because I had a picture of me when I was in Primary School. The main difference is the age of start. English Primary school starts at 4 to 10 and Spanish at 6 to 12.

English Secondary school is between the ages of  10 and 16 and Spanish 13 to 16. College or Sixth form between 16 and 18.

When you are 13 or 14 you choose the subjects you want to do. But everybody has to study Math, Science, English. You choose other languages. When you are from 16 to 18 you get more specialized. When you go to Sixth form you can do three subjects. For me I studied Math, History and Politics. Or you can go to College to learn more practical jobs: plumber or electrician.

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Typical food

I tell you some food from England and you tell me original products form Almeria. I’ll ask you guys the  typical foods: fish and chips, a hot drink: tea. Do you know what English add to tea which is not very common at other countries? Milk. And Sunday roast.

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When I was 5 until I was 17 I used to play rugby. I like rugby. Do you know that many people play rugby in Spain? And rugby teams in Almeria? One thing that surprised me when I came to Almeria is that there are rugby teams in Almeria. It came more and more popular. So I played for a little bit with a team in Cartagena. I thought there’s no way anyone in Spain would play rugby. I decided after a few weeks that it is not for me because it is so hot here. I prefer going to the beach.