Raichle, our American teaching assistant arrived on January 11th. She was very friendly and extrovert. All our students were very eager to meet her. She made a presentation of herself with a colorful powerpoint.

She helped students to practise their oral Trinity test. She was answering students’ questions in order to give them different opinions and ideas. This way they will gain self confidence when talking.

B1 QUESTION 1: Are you planning on going anywhere for your next vacation?

B1 QUESTION 2: Have you ever been on an airplane?

B1 QUESTION 3: What countries would you like to visit?

B1 QUESTION 4: Why do you travel?

B1 QUESTION 5: What’s your favourite type of music?

B1 QUESTION 6: What are your hobbies?

B2 QUESTION 1: Which type of school did you go to and did you enjoy it?

B2 QUESTION 2: If you moved to a bigger city, what would you miss from your home town?

B2 QUESTION 3: Is it better to work with people to prevent diseases or treat them after they have the disease?

B2 QUESTION 4: Do you think living standards are good where you live?

B2 QUESTION 5: Did anyone break the Covid rules over the holidays?

B2 QUESTION 6: Did you break the Covid rules over the holidays?