Due to the pandemic situation Bachillerato students couldn’t travel to Germany on their exchange trip. Face to face experience has not been possible but we thought that we could show our German pals our IES through some videos of different places of our Secondary School.

We start with the IES hall where we find the IES Logo which was designed by some students from Bachillerato, a heart container for plastic rubbish and a mosaic symbolizing world peace.

This is our class where we learn subjects such as Maths, Language, History, Biology and our favourite: English.

Here we are in the English board where we display our writings about different topics such as «Love is in the air».

In IES La Puebla we love recycling so we have made this great recycling stand to help save the environment.

In the Assembly Hall we can do exams or listen to lectures about different topics. This is a multitask room where theatre plays are performed and students from other schools.

This is the Canteen where teachers and students buy their brunches such as pizza, sandwitches, sweets and chips. There are also drinks e.g. coffee, juice and tea.

In the Library you can find different kinds of books such as threatre plays, action, drama and love. It is open from Monday to Friday during school break for thirty minutes. Teachers are in charge of lending books.